When you first installed your swimming pool, did you ever think a time would come for removal? Children grow, costs rise, and liabilities increase. You are not alone. Every day many homeowners decide to remove an unused or costly swimming pool. Our Remove A Pool specialist provide comprehensive swimming pool demolition and removal services.

Remove A Pool understands the inconvenience of construction work on your property. Our experts are prompt, professional and courteous. Using only state of the art equipment and techniques, we work in a timely manner. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations for removing a pool in Lutherville, Maryland is our optimal goal.

Lutherville Maryland Swimming Pool Demolition Done Right

Remove a Pool begins by researching your local requirements for pool removal services. Following all safety protocols, our team obtains the necessary permits for removing a pool in Lutherville, Maryland. After all the paperwork is in order, we are ready, to begin with, your pool removal option. Regardless of the type of pool removal service, our experts start by draining the pool and shutting off any utility connections.

Remove A Pool offers two options for removing a pool:

  • Complete Pool Removal Service: Our team removes all aspects of your swimming pool from your property. Breaking down the concrete into easier to handle pieces, our team works diligently to remove your swimming pool. Complete removal ensures you will not have any restrictions or complications for future project developments. You will be able to build additions or garages without worry of the pool structure beneath the surface.
  • Partial Pool Removal Service: Working in the same manner as the complete pool removal process, our team breaks the pool down into smaller pieces. Generally, partial pool removal is faster and less costly option. Removing concrete down to a specific level, our Remove A Pool experts bury the rest of the structure. You will never know the pool is there.

After each type of pool removal option, our Remove A Pool experts pack the opens space with gravel and top soil. We want to ensure you have clean, clear area to start your next backyard project.

Along with providing reliable pool demolition and removal services, Remove A Pool engages in environmentally friendly practices. We recycle any reusable materials including concrete, brick, and wood. Keeping usable products out of local landfills allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

If you would like to receive a free estimate for our Lutherville, Maryland pool demolition and removal services, please contact us today. Offering a five-year warranty, Remove A Pool commits to customer satisfaction on every level.