Summertime and swimming pools go hand in hand. Backyard pool parties for the kids and your neighborhood friends are always worth some great memories. Having a swimming pool can be one of the best things about being a homeowner. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the worst. There are many reasons that a homeowner might end up deciding that removing a swimming pool in Middletown Ohio is the right choice for their home. These can range from the pool being extensively damaged in a storm or accident to simply not wanting the liability or the cost of upkeep any longer.

At Remove A Pool, swimming pool demolition is our specialty. We pride ourselves on providing you with thorough and comprehensive service. We can provide you with estimates for several different techniques for removing a swimming pool . Every situation is different. We can help you decide whether your backyard will best benefit from a partial or a full swimming pool removal. A partial pool removal simply means that that bottom portion of the pool is left in the ground. It does not mean, however, that your yard will be less than perfect when we are finished. The remaining structure is filled in and covered over, and new grass is planted. In many cases, a partial poor removal is entirely sufficient and will give you the yard that you are wanting.

Partial pool removals are not always the best choice, however. You may need a full removal instead. A full pool removal is more intensive, as we remove everything to do with the pool. The resulting hole is likewise filled in, the same as with a partial removal. We will also work to get your yard back into the shape that is best for your home and the surrounding areas. Many people do not realize how pool installations might have changed their yards. We will do research and the necessary calculations for your area to help keep water from damaging the foundation of your house or washing away your yard. We also put a great deal of effort in to not damaging your existing landscape as we are working on removing your swimming pool.

Remove A Pool will provide you with professional, courteous service from estimate to finalization of the project. We take care of all of the proper licenses and check for utility lines prior to beginning any project. You can put your mind at ease by contacting us for an estimate the moment you have decided that you need to remove your swimming pool. Our company provides free estimates and we are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. We will help you decide which method is best for your particular situation, and we will work hard to make sure that your experience with us is one that you will be happy to tell your friends about.