Did you ever think you would come to regret installing a swimming pool on your property? Do not worry, you are not alone. Every day, homeowners make the final decision to remove a pool. We at Remove A Pool want to help you transform your property. We offer premium Milford swimming pool backfilling services.

At Remove A Pool, we hear a variety of reasons for wanting a pool gone. Some of the most common reasons for filling a swimming pool include:

  • The pool is not in use anymore.
  • Creating an unpleasant sight, the pool is starting to decay.
  • Repairs costs and maintenance expenses keep increasing.
  • The Delaware weather does not seem right for continuous pool use.
  • Your children are no longer at home, you do not want to swim alone.
  • Before placing your home on the market, you have been advised to remove your swimming pool to attract more buyers.

Our High-Quality Milford Swimming Pool Backfilling Explained

At Remove A Pool, we believe in full customer service. Our demolition experts work hard to exceed your expectations for a job well done the first time.

Free Estimate: Providing a one-stop solution for your pool removal needs, we start by assessing your pool and the surrounding. Discussing all the details, we provide a free estimate and date of arrival.

Paperwork: We will file on the paperwork to obtain the necessary permits. We want the backfill process to be a stress-free experience.

Pool Removal: We at Remove A Pool provide partial or complete swimming pool removal. Removing only a portion of your pool, partial swimming pool removal leaves a majority of your pool’s structure behind. Using the complete removal process, we clear your entire pool from your property.

Cleanup: We remove all the leftover debris from the swimming pool removal. If possible, we recycle any usable materials. We dispose of any leftover debris in a proper manner. Smoothing the area, our demolition experts fill in any open areas with gravel and topsoil.

Do you need more information about removing a swimming pool in Milford, Delaware? Please contact us at Remove A Pool today.