Do you have an unwanted swimming pool in your backyard?

If so, we can help you reclaim your outdoor space with our fast, all-inclusive National City, California swimming pool removal, disposal, and site restoration services.

We’re Remove A Pool, and we’re the most experienced pool removal contractor in the business. We’ve been helping homeowners like you enjoy freedom from the high cost and hassles that come with pool ownership for more than 25 years.

No matter how old your pool is, what it’s made of, or how difficult it is to access your backyard, you can count on us to deliver high-quality results backed by our industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

Free Pool Removal Estimates

Here at Remove A Pool, we believe that you should know exactly what to expect from your swimming pool removal company – that’s why we offer free, no-obligation quotes to all of our valued customers.

When you contact us, we’ll book your estimate at a time that fits your busy schedule. Our friendly pool removal contractor will assess the location and condition of your pool, review your future plans for your property, and answer any questions you have about us and the work we do.

We’ll also help you understand the differences between our partial pool removal and full pool removal options so that you can choose the pool removal service that best fits your needs and budget.

Steps Involved With Removing A Swimming Pool in National City

Typical backyard swimming pools can hold tens of thousands of gallons of water, be constructed with tons of cement, and be connected to high-voltage electrical lines.

Our team of fully bonded, licensed, and insured pool removal experts have the experience it takes to complete your pool removal project quickly and safely – here’s how:

  • We start by creating a site plan that identifies the location of buildings, buried utility lines, and access points
  • We obtain a demolition permit on your behalf and meet with building inspectors as needed
  • We carefully siphon any standing water out of your pool to prevent flooding of your home, yard, or adjacent properties
  • We disconnect any electrical, gas, and plumbing lines that are connected to your pool
  • Using a combination of hand tools, power tools, and heavy equipment, we demolish the structure of your pool and sort out all the recyclable materials
  • We haul all the debris away to an approved waste management site
  • We use clean gravel, soil, and sand to fill and level the void in your yard
  • At your request, we’ll plant fast-growing grass seed over the area where your pool was

Once we’re finished, your backyard will be clean, level, and safe, making it easy for you to plan your next project.

Your Local National City, California Swimming Pool Removal Experts

To learn more about why we are National City, California swimming pool removal contractors that homeowners, property investors, and Realtors call when they need fast, all-inclusive pool removal services, contact us here at Remove A Pool.