A swimming pool is a great way for the entire family to cool off during hot summer months. It provides hours of fun for the kids and keeps them busy and exercised. But, as a family’s needs and lifestyle changes, it may be time to think about using your property differently if your swimming pool is no longer serving its purpose. This is when you need to call on the professionals at Remove A Pool. Our swimming pool removal services are superior. You can count on us to do the job right and on time.

Every property owner has his or her own reasons for removing a swimming pool in New Castle, Delaware. The most common reasons we hear include:

  • Swimming pool is no longer in use
  • Maintenance and repairs are expensive and on-going
  • Howeowner wants to sell the property
  • Property could be used for other purposes
  • Safety concerns and insurance liability issues are too great

No matter what your reasons are for requesting our services, rest assured Remove A Pool will transform your property into a beautiful oasis. We will do all the hard work while you sit back and relax. Once you call us, we will then take the following steps for your New Castle swimming pool backfill:

  • We will assess your property and provide you with an estimate.
  • We will drain any excess water from your pool by drilling holes in the concrete.
  • Remove A Pool will research the laws and obtain any necessary permits for filling a swimming pool in New Castle, Delaware.
  • You can choose either abandonment or exhumation. If you choose abandonment, we will collapse the pool and remove the concrete. If you choose exhumation, Remove A Pool will remove all components of the swimming pool.
  • We will fill the resulting hole with gravel and dirt to allow for maximum settling and drainage.
  • Once your backfill is complete, Remove A Pool will clean up all the debris and haul it away.
  • To give your property a fresh look, we will plant new grass.

Don’t let that pool cause you one more day of stress. Call Remove A Pool today so we can make your dreams come true.