Are you searching for a simple, worry-free way to make your unwanted pool disappear? Worried about all the hassles that come with trying to co-ordinate a big, complicated pool demolition project?

When you’re thinking about removing a swimming pool in Pasadena, California, start by calling us here at Remove A Pool. We’ve been in the pool demolition and disposal business for over 25 years, making us the pool removal contractors of choice among Realtors, homeowners, and property investors throughout the City of Roses.

Our team of experienced, professional pool removal contractors have the skills and equipment needed to deal with all types of swimming pools, including above-ground pools and one-piece molded fiberglass pools. We also dismantle custom rock and gunite pools, infinity pools, and indoor pools.

Protect Your Investment By Hiring A Professional Pool Removal Company

Removing a swimming pool in Pasadena, isn’t a simple matter of draining out the water and filling up the structure with dirt. In fact, doing so could actually lead to catastrophic flooding of your home and neighboring properties, leaving you responsible for damages that won’t be covered under your homeowner insurance policy.

At Remove A Pool, we use proven, efficient techniques to protect your house, yard, and adjacent properties against the risk of flooding or other types of damage while we work. Our team of pool removal experts have all completed advanced training in the safe operation of our well-maintained tools and machinery, giving you the peace of mind that comes with hiring the most experienced pool removal company in the industry.

Licensed and Fully Insured Pool Removal

In the city of Pasadena, pool removal is closely regulated by the Building and Safety Division. Prior to starting any work on your property, we take the time to obtain the necessary demolition permit, and we work closely with city inspectors to ensure all the disconnection and demolition work we do complies with local, state, and federal regulations.

Our team of pool removal professionals are fully licensed to perform all the demolition and utility disconnection that it takes to remove your pool, so you can rest assured we’ll do the job right the first time.

Complete Pool Removal and Site Restoration

We understand that dealing with different contractors can be complicated and time-consuming – that’s why we include all the skilled labor, demolition, debris removal, and site restoration services it takes to complete your project in our free, no-obligation quotes. With a single call to Remove A Pool, you can finally reclaim your backyard and enjoy freedom from your unwanted pool.

To schedule your complimentary quote, contact our swimming pool removal experts today.

Remember, we deliver the professional, no-stress pool removal solution!