Are you finding that your pool no longer holds the appeal it once used to? If your pool has become less fun and more of a headache, it’s time to contact the professionals at Remove A Pool. We have the experience, equipment and manpower that is needed for successfully removing a swimming pool in Perry Hall, Maryland.

When clients call Remove A Pool to inquire about pool removal, there are many reasons that we hear. Some of the most common reasons that we encounter for swimming pool removal are:

  • The swimming pool is no longer in use
  • The property owner wishes to use the property for other purposes or sell the property
  • Insurance liability issues and safety concerns outweigh the benefits of having the pool
  • The swimming pool requires constant repairs and ongoing maintenance

No matter what your reason is for requesting information on demoing a pool, Remove A Pool will complete the job with professionalism and transform your property into a lovely masterpiece you can be proud of.

Tell Me What To Expect:

We understand that some people may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of removing their swimming pool. Our clients appreciate gaining some insight into the process before they call us. When you contract with us for removing a swimming pool in Perry Hall,  you can expect the following:

  • We will assess your property and provide you with an estimate. We will also explain the process to you in detail as well as answer any questions you have.
  • Prior to beginning work, Remove A Pool will drain your pool of any excess water
  • Remove A Pool will obtain any necessary permits required by your jurisdiction
  • You have two options for your swimming pool removal:
    • Partial Removal: Remove A Pool will collapse the pool and remove the concrete.
    • Exhumation Demolition: Remove A Pool will remove every single piece of the existing pool.
  • Once the swimming pool demolition takes place, regardless of which option you choose, Remove A Pool will fill the remaining hole resulting from the demolition with dirt and gravel. This allows for proper settling and maximum drainage.
  • As you can imagine, a pool demolition results in a lot of debris on your property. Remove A Pool will clean up the mess and haul away the debris.
  • Finally, we will plant new grass to give your property a fresh look.

If you want to get that swimming pool off your property, don’t wait another minute. Call Remove A Pool today to see how we can help you.