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When it comes to removing a swimming pool in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, put the team at Remove A Pool to work for you. We’re a licensed, insured professional organization that is only a few minutes away from providing you with the information you need. If you would like a quote for removing your pool from your home, call us immediately. We’re happy to come to you and provide you with an estimate.

Why Remove A Pool?

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, swimming pool removal is a process. There are numerous steps to take to remove the pool from the home in a safe manner that will meet all local code and requirements. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. We do that in several ways. Our primary goal is to remove your unwanted pool in an efficient and fast manner at the best price possible. To do that, we provide you with well-trained, experienced professionals. Our team has the proper machinery and equipment to complete the job for you. We keep it in good working order and operate it in only the safest manner possible. We care about your safety.

How To Get Started

After calling our professionals for an estimate, we’ll get started by obtaining the necessary permits to complete the job. Removing a swimming pool in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will require proper drainage of the water. To do this, we break the bottom foundation of the pool to allow water to easily dissipate. This is the safest method available.

Once this is done, we offer you two options. You can choose a partial pool removal which will including removing the exterior walls and caving in the exterior into itself. We fill this with gravel and dirt and compact it so it is an even surface for you. This is the most cost effective and most commonly used method.

In a full pool removal, we’ll remove all of the components of the pool or as much as is possible. We’ll haul away all of the debris for you as well. Then, we’ll fill in the open space with gravel and dirt and compact it. In both methods, you’ll be able to use the surface for anything you would like to again. This method costs a bit more but can be beneficial to those who plan to install a new pool.

When you trust Remove A Pool with your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal needs, you get exceptional service and an affordable price. We work closely with you to ensure you are satisfied from start to finish. You’ll love putting our team to work because we’re caring and we want you to be 100 percent satisfied with the finished results.