Are you ready to have your unwanted swimming pool removed?  Remove A Pool specializes in Phoenix, Maryland swimming pool removal for commercial and residential customers. Our crews are experienced, licensed, and insured to perform all of our pool removal services. We bring all the equipment needed to carefully but efficiently remove your pool. We’ll also fill in the gap it left behind, helping you restore your landscape so you can use it for an alternate purpose. Removing a swimming pool in Phoenix is a breeze when you contract with us.

Pool Removal Services In Phoenix Maryland

You can count on Remove A Pool for competent and affordable swimming pool removal services. When you call us, we’ll send out a technician to evaluate the job. This allows us to provide you with an upfront quote for our services. We’ll also discuss the two different types of swimming pool removal processes that we offer. We can perform a complete demolition which is just as it sounds—every aspect of the old pool is removed from the ground and hauled away. However, many customers find that a partial removal suits their needs and situation. In these cases, we remove most of the pool. Part of the foundation left behind gets drilled with holes to promote good drainage for your landscape.

After the removal, we fill in the hole, level it, and can even plant grass seed. If you choose, Remove A Pool can even procure the necessary permits for the work. When we meet, we can discuss all the options, helping you make an informed decision about the demo processes. Naturally, at the job’s end, we’ll all away all the debris and unwanted material, leaving your setting free from waste.

Our Crews

Remove A Pool features highly experienced teams who have the expertise needed to professionally demolish and remove both residential and commercial swimming pools. During each aspect of the job, our pros will prioritize safety around the site. They’ll work efficiently until they complete the work to your satisfaction.

Why Remove Your Commercial Pool?

Many apartment complexes and hotels have opted to remove their swimming pools for a number of reasons. Many report that escalating insurance costs are a reason for removing their pools. Others simply want to forgo the expense of maintaining an aging swimming pool. Removing a commercial pool is a big job, so you need a company that has experience tackling large commercial pools.

Why Remove Your Residential Swimming Pool?

If you’re thinking about removing your backyard pool, you aren’t alone. Many of our customers have outgrown the use of their pools and have decided to use their yards for something else like expanding their patio or garden. Some just want to give their dogs more room to run. Homeowners also opt for swimming pool removal when their pool is aging or beyond repair.

Whatever your reasons may be for removing your unwanted pool, Remove A Pool successfully complete the job for a fair price. Call us today for an estimate of our services.