At face value, hiring an unlicensed contractor can be quite appealing economically. However, working with unlicensed contractors exposes you to safety and financial risks that will cost you more in the future. For starters, licensed contractors have met the basic industry training standards in their operational niche. Also, they have liability insurance, which pays for any damages during the project. Unlicensed contractors have none of these key credentials hence the higher risk of hiring them.

Here are other pitfalls for hiring an unlicensed contractor;

  • Homeowner assumes financial responsibility for any damages: If an unlicensed contractor damages anything in your house in the course of the construction, they are not liable for any repairs. Unlicensed contractors do not have liability insurance and cannot be compelled to pay for any damages. As such, the homeowner pays for any damages the unlicensed contractors may cause.
  • The homeowner is liable for any workers injured on their property: When an unlicensed contractor sends an employee to your premise for a task, and they get injured, you are liable for the injuries sustained. Liability in this instance includes paying for the worker’s medical expenses and damages as determined by the respective authorities. Note that unlicensed contractors do not have workers compensation insurance; as such, they will not compensate the worker.
  • Homeowner assumes liability for substandard work: If an unlicensed contractor’s job does not meet the local building codes, the homeowner is liable and should make the necessary repairs to meet the building codes. Unlicensed contractors are not liable in this scenario, as they do not have legal operating licenses.
  • The homeowner is liable to pay unlicensed subcontractors: When an unlicensed contractor brings in some subcontractors to help with your project and fails to pay them, you are liable for any payment due to them. This is so even if you had paid the unlicensed contractor before they commenced the job. Also, you may not have legal recourse as the unlicensed contractor was operating illegally.
  • Pitfalls of not disclosing unlicensed work: If the unlicensed contractor does not pull permits for the scopes of work done, the homeowner is liable for penalties from the local governing authority. Also, not reporting unpermitted modifications to your insurance service provider may lead to loss of coverage.

In the long-term, the risks of hiring an unlicensed contractor by far outweigh the benefits if any. Before hiring a contractor, do a background check on them to validate their credentials. Save more in the long-term by hiring a licensed contractor today.

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