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If you have a swimming pool in your backyard that is no longer functioning or simply no longer wanted, you can contact Remove A Pool for our Palm Harbor, Florida swimming pool removal services. It’s essential to contract with a service that is experienced in this type of work. A poor, ineffectual removal can affect the drainage of your landscape and even lead to sink holes. We feature highly skilled technicians who have the training and expertise needed to deliver all of our pool removal services. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Palm Harbor region. Our rates are fair and our service is top notch.

Removing a Swimming Pool in Palm Harbor, Florida

Our residential and commercial customers have lot of reasons for wanting to remove their swimming pools:

Non-Functioning Pool: a non-functioning pool is just taking up precious space. If your swimming pool is beyond reasonable repair, you may want to talk to us about removing a swimming pool in Palm Harbor, FL.

Expensive: both commercial and residential swimming pools can be costly to repair and maintain. Some customers find that the expense is more than they want to pay. In these cases, we can easily remove your pool for a competitive rate.

No One Swims: many pool owners simply outgrow their enjoyment for their pool. Kids grow up and interests change. If no one is using your swimming pool, it may be hard to justify the cost of maintaining it.

House Up For Sale: A non-functioning pool will likely detract from a property sale. Before listing your house or commercial property on the market, you may want to invest in the pool’s removal first.

Offering Professional Services

Remove A Pool performs all services related to residential and commercial pool removal. We specialize in just swimming pool removal projects unlike our competitors. We can procure the necessary permits needed to remove your swimming pool. If you contact us for a swimming pool demo, we will send out a technician to discuss our removal options. Our technician can explain the difference between a complete and partial removal, for example. In a complete removal, we’ll take out the entire pool. In a partial removal, we’ll leave a portion of the pool’s foundation in place, but drill holes in it to allow for optimum drainage.

Our technician can also evaluate the swimming pool’s condition in order to provide you with an upfront quote. On the day of the pool’s removal, our crews will show up with all the equipment they need to efficiently remove the unwanted pool.

Contact Remove A Pool for removing a swimming pool in Palm Harbor, Florida for an affordable price. After removing your pool, we will fill in the void to ensure good drainage and even plant grass seed. Reclaim your property and contact us to schedule your pool removal today.