Do you have a neglected swimming pool in your backyard? Are you worried about the liability issues that come with owning a private pool? Would you like to reclaim your outdoor space by having that old, unwanted pool removed?

When you’re ready to hire a swimming pool removal contractor in Poolesville, start by calling us here at Remove A Pool. We make having your pool taken out easy by taking care of everything that’s involved with removing your pool, hauling away the debris, and even filling and leveling your yard, leaving your property ready for your next project.

Free, No-Obligation Estimates

Here at Remove A Pool, we believe you should know exactly what to expect when you’re removing a swimming pool in Poolesville – that’s why we offer free, no-obligation estimates that clearly outline all the costs involved with your project.

Simply call us or go online to schedule an appointment with our friendly, professional pool removal estimator. We’ll evaluate the size, location, and condition of your pool, assess the equipment and skilled labor that’s required for your job, and leave you with an all-inclusive quote that covers all the inspections, demolition permits, equipment, and materials needed to complete the job on time, and on budget.

Choosing Between Partial and Complete Pool Removal

When it comes to removing your in-ground pool, you have a choice between two services – partial pool removal, and complete pool removal.

With partial pool removal, we disconnect the utilities, siphon out the standing water, and remove only the portion of the pool that protrudes above the frost line. We then create drainage holes in the lining of your pool, fill your pool in with a specialized mix of clean soil and aggregates, and level the entire area off.

By comparison, our complete pool removal services involve demolishing and removing your entire pool prior to filling and leveling the hole. This process is much more labor-intensive than our partial pool removal option, however, many homeowners opt for this service because it completely restores their property back to how it was before their pool was installed.

We’re happy to help you choose the best pool removal method for your property by reviewing your project, answering any questions you might have, and pricing out the options so you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice for your pool demolition.

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