If you have a pool you are trying to get rid of, the best way to do this is to sell your house to someone who wants a pool. Then, you buy a house without a pool.


Since you want to keep your house and get rid of the pool, RemoveAPool.com is here to help. You call. We come. We take the pool away. That’s it. Except for the bill. We do appreciate being paid.


We remove all kinds of pools, above-ground and in-ground. The first step is to drain the pool. Our crews can swim, but they try to avoid it when on the job. The boss thinks they are goofing off. We can bring a pump to drain the pool if your drain is clogged or the pump doesn’t work.




Depending on the size of the above-ground pool, you may want to get rid of it yourself. Get a few teenagers together and you can shove kiddie wading pool in a garbage can. Some slightly larger above-ground pools can also be rolled up and left for curbside pickup.


If you have an above-ground with a deck around it, that’s probably more than the sanitation crews are willing to pick up. For one thing, they are not going into your backyard to get it. For another, even if you tear it apart and put it by the curb, it’s more than they will collect. Remove A Pool can come in and tear down the deck. We haul off the old wood unless you want to use it for a bonfire, another woodworking projects or as food for your pet termites. With that out of the way, we’ll remove the pool.




If you have an in-ground pool, we can get rid of that too, but it will take more work. How much work depends on the kind of pool.




This is actually pretty easy. We pull the liner out and throw it away.




With this kind of pool, we cut and tear segments out and throw those away.




This requires equipment capable of breaking up concrete, like our brother-in-law’s head. Once the pool is in pieces, we go home. Just kidding. We haul the broken pieces away. Broken concrete is actually useful. Some public works departments use it for erosion control.




When your in-ground pool has been turned into a giant hole in the ground, we bring in fill dirt. You can then do whatever you like with what used to be the pool. We can leave the walkway or take it out too. Some homeowners like the walkway, some don’t. If you leave the walkway, it makes a nice path for a small garden.


It will drain naturally, just like the rest of your yard so you won’t have a mudhole. Of course, if you want a mudhole so you can go 4x4ing

Image result for bogging

we can do that. You can also create a mini swamp to recreate in miniature the famous Star Wars scene on Dagobah when Luke first met Yoda.


We recommend filling the hole with regular dirt.