Removing a swimming pool in Salisbury, Maryland can seem like a challenge. If you have an in-ground pool, this process can be one that involves a significant amount of excavation. That is why it is so important to work with a skilled, specialized team. At Remove A Pool, our licensed and insured contractors go to work with you to ensure there is no risk to your family or your property. And, we are confident we can help you to free up your backyard again for any other need you may have.

Why Should You Remove A Pool?

Swimming pool removal can offer homeowners a variety of benefits. First, it allows you to take back your yard so you can use it for any needs you may have such as a patio, garden, or just open space. It also saves you money. You do not have to worry about concerns such as someone falling into it, which may help reduce your homeowners’ insurance costs. And, you do not have to pay for chemicals, maintenance, and repairs. If you are thinking that it is time to get rid of your unwanted pool, let Remove A Pool come out for an estimate.

We offer several options for pool removal. The first is a partial pool removal in which we drill a hole into the base of the pool to properly allow water to drain away (this is both cost effective and safe for the environment). We then demolish the sides of the pool and allow it to collapse inward. We fill up the rest of the space, compact it, and prep it for any need you may have. This is our most common option.

Some property owners want us to remove the full pool structure. We can do that. For this process, we will drain it the same way and then remove all or as much of the structure as is possible. We can haul away the debris for you as well. We will fill it in and compact it so you can use the space for anything you want.

Removing a swimming pool in Salisbury, Maryland is much easier when you have a team of professionals on your side to help you. We encourage you to call Remove A Pool today. Talk to us about the process, the costs and the timeline you need us to meet. Our licensed contractors are happy to help you with permitting work as well. Call us for a free estimate and consultation.