Has the time come to remove your outdated or unused swimming pool? Leading the area for removing a swimming pool in Sharonville, Ohio, our Remove A Pool experts are ready to help. We understand as time progresses you may wish to change your landscape theme. Our experts will help you reclaim your backyard space for your next project.

Why Many Choose To Remove A Pool

Every property owner has a different and personal reason for removing a swimming pool. Some of the reasons include:

  • The pool sets idle for long periods of time.
  • The outdated pool is too costly to repair.
  • The pool does not match the changing landscape theme.
  • You want to install a larger pool with more amenities to meet your personal needs.
  • You want to redo your entire backyard landscape. The pool is not part of the makeover.
  • You want to reduce liabilities and associated expenses.

Regardless of your reason, Remove A Pool offers efficient pool removal services. Our fully insured, certified teamwork to meet and exceed your expectations at each stage of the pool removal.

Steps for Removing a Swimming Pool

Remove A Pool’s commitment to high-level customer satisfaction begins with your first phone call. We offer a free estimate with complete details for removing your swimming pool. After you accept our affordable quote, our team immediately goes to work for you.

Beginning by acquiring the necessary permits, Remove A Pool wants to ensure your swimming pool removal process is stress-free. Following all safety protocols and local ordinances, we approach every pool removal site with professionalism. If necessary, we drain the pool, unhook any utilities and begin the efficient demolition process.

Using the top of the line equipment and tested techniques, the demolition process for removing a swimming pool is quick. We offer complete or partial swimming pool removal options. After removing the pool to your expectations, Remove A Pool will fill in the open cavity with gravel and topsoil.

Remove A Pool’s efficient process allows you to move on to your next project. If you have further questions about our Sharonville, Ohio swimming pool removal services, please contact Remove A Pool today.