When you’ve decided it’s time to reclaim your backyard and have that outdated, unused, or damaged swimming pool demolished, we’re here to help. We’re Remove A Pool, and we specialize in making removing a swimming pool in Sherman Oaks, California simple by taking care of all the paperwork, skilled labor, and disposal services needed to make your pool disappear.

We have experience in dealing with all types of swimming pools, including fiberglass, concrete and natural stone pools. Our all-inclusive pool removal includes all the insurance, demolition permits, utility work, demolition, disposal, and site remediation needed to completely remove your pool.

We’re committed to using safe, effective, and environmentally-responsible methods that make tackling a big project like pool removal easy for homeowners, Realtors, and property investors throughout Sherman Oaks.

No matter how big, old, or deteriorated your unwanted pool is, we’re up to the challenge.

Industry-Leading Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Remove A Pool, we take pride in delivering high-quality pool removal services using innovative, effective techniques designed to give you years of trouble-free enjoyment of your backyard.

We stand behind all of the swimming pool removal work we do with our industry-leading 5-year satisfaction guarantee. You can rest assured that you won’t need to worry about sinkholes, flooding, or trouble with utility connections when we disconnect your pool.

In the unlikely event that you have any concerns after we’ve completed your pool removal project, we’ll return and repair the problem at no charge. It’s just one more reason why we’re the pool removal company of choice among discerning property owners, Realtors, landscape architects, and investors.

Experienced, Professional Pool Removal Specialists

We’ve been in the pool removal business for more than 25 years, and during that time we’ve helped countless homeowners enjoy freedom from their unwanted pools.

As the leading provider of pool removal services, we know what it takes to deal with even the most challenging pool removal projects. Our team of professional, licensed contractors have all completed advanced safety training and extensive background checks so you can feel confident that we’ll take good care of you and your property.

We are listed on both HomeAdvisor and Houzz, and our services are endorsed by the National Association of Realtors.

Have Questions About Removing Your Pool? Call Us

Whether you’re ready to say goodbye to your old pool or you simply want to learn more about removing a swimming pool in Sherman Oaks, California, give us a call here at Remove A Pool. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our services and the various options available when removing a pool, and our estimates are always free.

Remember, we deliver the professional, no-stress pool removal solution!