Swimming Pool Removal Services In Sparks

Tired of being embarrassed by the old swimming pool in your backyard? Are you ready to finally have something done about it? For the best swimming pool removal in Sparks, Maryland, contact the experts at Remove A Pool. Our licensed professionals have the training and experience to take care of any size swimming pool of any type, quickly, safely, and at an affordable price.

Why You Should Have Your Pool Professionally Removed:

  • Keep Your Property Safe. Old, abandoned swimming pools create an increased risk of accidents. To provide the safety your loved ones deserve, it is best to have the pool professionally removed.
  • Protect Yourself. If anyone is injured on your property, you are liable for the expenses. Having the experts at Remove A Pool take care of the problem will protect you and your family from litigation and expense.
  • Make Your Property Listing More Attractive. An old swimming pool is not what home buyers desire. To make your listing more appealing to a larger group of potential buyers, opt for Sparks, Maryland swimming pool removal from the specialists.
  • Increase Your Home’s Beauty and Worth.Not only does an unused pool detract from the look of your property, it also drags down its value. Professional removal brings back the curb appeal and increases its worth.
  • Reclaim Your Yard. What would you do with the space you gain from swimming pool removal? Create a lovely floral display, playground, or outdoor dining area where your old pool used to be.
  • Save Money. Routine maintenance and repairs can take a huge chunk out of your wallet. Resolve the issue once and for all with professional swimming pool removal from Remove A Pool.

Ways to Remove a Swimming Pool

Partial Removal:This is the most popular method of removal. Also called abandonment, it is the quicker and less expensive technique. The uppermost few feet of concrete are broken up and removed, and the area is filled with gravel and dirt.

Full Removal:Exhumation is a complete removal of the entire swimming pool structure. When the concrete is gone, the area is filled in, leaving no trace of the pool.

Here’s What Happens When You Contact Remove A Pool

  • Free assessment and estimate. When you call us, we will schedule a visit to assess your property and pool. Then, we will provide you with an estimate for pool demolition at no charge.
  • Permits. When you trust Remove A Pool, you never have to worry about permits. We will take care of obtaining any permits you need.
  • Demolition. Whichever pool removal method you choose, our demolition professionals will make certain that safety is top priority. We will take all safety precautions to avoid injury and unwanted damage.
  • Filling. After demolition is finished, the area will be filled with dirt and gravel, so you can regain your former backyard beauty.
  • Clean-up. When the job is finished, we will remove all debris from your property. We take care to recycle all materials possible, to keep the landfills clear.

Contact us at Remove A Pool today for more information about removing a swimming pool in Sparks, Maryland.