As the weather starts to get warmer, you’re probably thinking about spending more time outside and getting your yard ready for the spring season. If you’re one of the homeowners who has a swimming pool that’s taking up all the space in your backyard, then it might be time to consider removing your swimming pool. You can depend on Remove A Pool to restore your yard to its former glory before the swimming pool.

Why Removing a Pool Makes Sense

Every property owner has his or her own reasons for wanting to remove a pool from the property. Some of the most common reasons we hear include:

  • Swimming pool has fallen into disrepair and is an eyesore
  • Insurance and safety issues outweigh the benefits of keeping the pool
  • Maintenance and repairs are too expensive and time-consuming
  • Young children reside at the property and the pool poses a danger
  • Property is being sold
  • Swimming pool is no longer in use
  • Homeowner wishes to use the property for other purposes

No matter why you want to remove the swimming pool from your property, Remove A Pool will provide you with superior services.

How Remove A Pool Can Help You

We understand that the thought of removing the swimming pool from your property might sound daunting. Let us assure you that we will do all the hard work and heavy lifting. Once we’ve completed the swimming pool removal, you’ll be able to enjoy your back yard during the warm spring and summer months. Once you make the call to Remove A Pool, you can expect the following:

  • We will visit your property and provide you with an estimate of the costs involved in removing your swimming pool.
  • It will be necessary for us to drain all the water from your pool before we begin working.
  • Every construction project must be approved by governmental authorities and swimming pool removal is no different. We are knowledgeable of local laws which means you can rely on Remove A Pool to obtain all the necessary permits that are required to complete the work.
  • You can choose either a partial or complete removal. If you choose a partial removal, we’ll collapse the pool and remove the concrete while leaving the remaining structure in place. This is the most efficient method of swimming pool removal and this is what most Maryland homeowners choose. You can also choose a complete removal which means we’ll remove all the components of the swimming pool. This process is more involved, takes more time and is more expensive than a partial removal.
  • Once the swimming pool has been removed, we will fill the remaining hole with gravel and dirt. This allows the ground to settle properly and water to drain which will prevent pooling water in your yard.
  • To make sure you yard is beautiful when the work is complete, Remove A Pool will clean up all the debris and haul it away. As a final added touch, we’ll plant new grass to give your property a fresh look and ensure it’s ready for you to use right away.

Once we get through the process of removing your swimming pool, your yard will be ready for your plans. Whether you want a vegetable or flower garden or just want to enjoy more green space, you’ll be able to realize your dreams and enjoy warm sunny days outside.

Superior Service for Maryland Homeowners

Don’t let that swimming pool stress you out one more day. It’s time to take control of your property. With spring coming, there’s no better time. You can be confident that Remove A Pool will work quickly so you’ll be able to complete the plans you have for your yard. If you’re ready to get started on that swimming pool removal, contact Remove A Pool. We’ll talk with you about the plans you have for your property and make your ideas a reality.