Are you ready to get rid of your unwanted pool? Let Remove A Pool do the work for you. Our licensed and insured technicians are available to work closely with you to ensure your pool is removed in the safest method possible. When you are ready to take advantage of your yard in new ways, let our team help you to get rid of the items you no longer need – including that inground pool. Removing a swimming pool in Springfield, Virginia, starts with a call to our trained professionals.

Why Should You Get Rid of a Pool?

In Springfield, swimming pool removal can offer homeowners a number of key advantages. For example, removing an unwanted pool allows you to open up your space to use for any need you have from adding a new pool to more entertainment space. There are other advantages, too.

  • You no longer have to pay to open and close the pool, which can be an expensive process each year.
  • You do no have to pay to maintain your pool any longer. Imagine how much you can save on your cleaning supplies alone.
  • You can count on a lower home insurance rate if you get rid of your pool because of the advantages of lower your risks.
  • And, your home may sell faster and for a higher value if you sell it without a pool.
  • If your pool is no longer in good condition, repairs may not even be possible without a significant investment.

Let Remove A Pool help you every step of the way. Removing a swimming pool in Springfield, Virginia can be an excellent step when you allow our trained and professional team do the work for you.

Why Choose Us For Your Pool Removal In Springfield

Remove A Pool comes to your location to offer a full consultation for your pool. This is a full estimate of what needs to be done based on the home itself. We can talk about the type of pool removal right for your space, too. We offer two options.

Full Pool Removal – We remove the entire structure. This includes as much of the foundation and components as possible.

Partial Pool Removal – A more common option, this one involves demolishing the outside walls of the pool structure and caving it in onto itself.

In both situations, the goal is simply to help ensure you can use the space for something else. In partial pool removal, the cost is less but the outcome is about the same.

In all situations, removing a swimming pool focuses on the following process.

  • We create a plan with you and then obtain the necessary permits for the project.
  • We drill a hole into the foundation. This allows for the water to drain away safely and effectively.
  • We then demolish the structure. For full pool removal, we haul away all of the material present. We protect all utility lines and ensure the work is done properly and according to code.
  • We fill in the open space with gravel and sand. We then compact it to allow it to be flat and usable for any need you may have.

Our goal is always to ensure the best outcome. Call Remove A Pool for any need. In Springfield, Virginia, swimming pool removal from our team is always done with care.