Removing a Pool in Torrance California and the Benefits of Removal

Nothing’s complicated about removing a pool in Torrance California when you contract with the expert team of Remove A Pool. The entire process of pool removal is made easy, stress-free and hassle-free without ever feeling “left in the dark” about anything.

All services are performed safely by a team of highly-qualified demolition contractors. Additionally, the long-term benefits of pool removal are benefits that you’ll enjoy as a homeowner for many years to-come.

Benefits of Pool Removal

Probably one of the biggest benefits of removing a pool in Torrance California is freeing up this space to do something else. Maybe you’d like to use this space for an elaborate landscaping scheme or maybe you’d like to extend your backyard for summertime family gatherings.

Additionally, by removing an old pool that’s no longer in-use, you’ll increase your chances of selling the family home in the event that you decide to sell sometime in the future. Homes on the market without a pool tend to sell better than homes with pools.

How Pool Demolition Works

If you’re considering Torrance California pool demolition, you likely want to know how it all works. And the first step you’ll take when you’re ready to remove a pool is to contact Remove A Pool to request your FREE estimate. By offering complementary estimates, we hope to take some of the cost burden off of homeowners ready to remove old pools.

During “the estimate,” one of our experts will visit your home to provide you with a quote of demolition services. This expert is also available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding the process.

The next step of Torrance California pool demolition is for our team to then obtain a work permit to perform our services on your property. On the day of demolition, we’ll drain any existing water from the pool and quickly get to work thereafter. Demolition is performed using state-of-the-art equipment handled by a highly-qualified pool removal crew, putting the emphasis on safe and efficient pool removal.

Whether you’ve opted for an abandonment removal (partial) or an exhumation removal (complete), we’ll then fill in this area again using special machinery to get the job done. The area is carefully filled-in with both dirt and rocks to effectively avoid the potential for ground “settling” later.

Time for Clean-up and Maybe Some Fresh Grass

Once the pool has been demolished and carefully filled-in, the Remove A Pool team begins the clean-up phase upon which you can expect that all remaining debris is removed from the property. Where does it all go? It gets taken to a recycling facility so it can be recycled and reused in the future.

Homeowners with no time to plant fresh grass may opt to have us plant grass seed in the area left behind by the pool. This service does include its own separate charge, but is popularly requested.

To Get Started

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    Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Pool

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