Do you have an old, neglected, or unwanted pool on your property?

We’re Remove A Pool, and we make removing a swimming pool in West Hills, California easy with our all-inclusive pool demolition, disposal, and property restoration services. For more than 25 years we’ve been helping homeowners, landlords, property investors, and Realtors, making us the most experienced pool removal company in the business.

Swimming pools are big, bulky structures that often hold tens of thousands of gallons of water, contain tons of concrete, and involve complex gas, plumbing, and electrical connections. Here at Remove A Pool, we’ve worked hard to develop industry-leading techniques which are safe, efficient, and environmentally-responsible so you don’t need to worry about damage to your house, property, or neighboring homes while we work.

We are fully licensed to perform all the disconnection and demolition work that’s involved with your pool demolition project, and our skilled, fully screened contractors are all covered under workers’ compensation insurance. We also carry comprehensive insurance coverage on our vehicles and equipment, and all the work we do meets or exceeds county, state, and national safety standards.

From the moment you call us to schedule your free detailed quote for removing a swimming pool in West Hills, California to when we finish up your project by planting fresh grass seed where your pool once was, you can rest assured we’ll take good care of you and your property.

What We Do

When we say that we’re a full-service pool removal company, we really mean it.

Before we begin removing a swimming pool in West Hills, we carefully plan out the project, taking the time to locate any buried utility lines and obtain the necessary permits. Our pool removal experts identify the best tools and techniques to use for each job, making sure to protect buildings, trees, gardens, and adjacent properties against damage while we work.

Once the project plan is in place, we work quickly to minimize any disruption to our clients. We siphon out the standing water, disconnect the utility lines, and dismantle the structure. We then remove all the debris, sort out the recyclable materials, and haul everything away to an approved waste management site.

We then fill in the void where the pool was using a specialized fill mix that’s designed to drain well, creating a solid, stable surface that is ready to be landscaped or used as a foundation for a new structure.

Once we’re finished removing a swimming pool in we can even seed down the project site with grass seed, creating a lush green lawn where the unwanted pool once was.

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To speak with one of our pool removal experts about removing your pool in West Hills, CA, contact us here at Remove A Pool today.