Thinking of removing your swimming pool? Once a luxury, many homeowners feel the allure of a pool fades over time. Costly maintenance, repairs, and cleaning is a large budget expense. We are your leading resource for swimming pool removal in Withhamsville, Remove A Pool provides optimal results.

Why remove your swimming pool?

Usually the main reason for demoing a swimming pool is because it is not being used. The pool sets idle for months for various reasons, including:

  • Not wanting to swim alone, your children are now grown and left home.
  • Your children are focusing on school sports or other activities.
  • The Ohio weather does not seem warm enough to enjoy your pool.

Of course, homeowners have other reasons for removing a swimming pool such as:

  • The pool was there when you bought the house.
  • You are considering reselling your home. The pool does not attract potential buyers.
  • You want to reduce your liabilities.
  • You are considering starting a family. The pool is a source of worry for young children or pets.
  • You are going green to save valuable resources.

We at Remove A Pool understands all your worries and concerns from pool ownership. We are available to work with you to find the best solution for pool demolition and removal.

How to get started

After you accept our free estimate and consultation, our crew is ready to go to work for you. Our employees are prompt, friendly and professional. Paying attention to every detail of your swimming pool’s demolition and removal, we provide you with a high level of craftsmanship.

Remove A Pool offers two high-quality swimming pool removal options.

  • Partial Pool Removal: Our experts drain your pool, drill holes in the bottom for proper drainage, and remove the top portion.
  • Full Pool Removal: We drain and remove all of your swimming pool from your property.

Both options include complete fill-in with gravel and topsoil. Our crew firmly packs the area to ensure the best possible outcome. We want to provide you with a well-prepared area for your next backyard project.

If you need more information regarding removing a swimming pool in Withamsville, Ohio, please contact us. Working closely with our customers, Remove A Pool provides a stress-free, high-quality pool removal service.