Did you finally make the decision to remove your swimming pool? Are you still unsure of the process for removing a swimming pool in West Virginia? Engaging a highly qualified swimming pool removal and demolition company is crucial for a job well done. As a property owner, you want prompt, professional and courteous employees working on your pool removal project.

From the first moment of contact with us, Remove A Pool commits to a high level of customer service. Beginning with a free estimate, our West Virginia swimming pool removal specialists provide expert consultation. We want to gain a better understanding of your pool removal needs.

Why Removing a Swimming Pool in West Virginia Benefits You?

When installing your swimming pool, you probably never thought the time would come for removal. The numerous benefits of removing a swimming pool in West Virginia may surprise you.

  • Cost Savings: Eliminating the need for swimming pool cleaning, repairs, and maintenance, you will save money.
  • Saves Time: Along with saving money, you will no longer need to spend time scheduling pool cleanings or repairs. Without worrying about the pool, you will have time for other projects.
  • Adds Resale Value: If you are contemplating selling your home in the future, removing your swimming pool may increase the number of potential buyers. Many homeowners do not want the extra responsibility of owning swimming pool.
  • Removes an Outdated Structure: Over time, swimming pools degrade. If your pool has not been in use, the pool may simply be an unpleasant sight on your property.
  • Creates a New Space: Removing a swimming pool in West Virginia, allows your to reclaim you property for other uses. Creating flower gardens or building a complete outdoor entertainment area with a kitchen may be a better way to utilize your space.

Regardless of your reason, you will gain money, time, or new outdoor living space with West Virginia swimming pool removal services.

How Does West Virginia Swimming Pool Removal Work?

After accepting our estimate, our team of specialists go to work for you. Providing you with a stress West Virginia swimming pool removal experience, we pay attention to every detail. Our fully licensed and insured team works diligently to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Research and Permits: Remove A Pool begins by researching your local zoning ordinances and guidelines for removing a swimming pool in West Virginia. We obtain the necessary permits.
  • Check Utilities: Upon arrival, our pool removal experts ensure all necessary utility hookups are off. Ensuring a safe working environment for our employees and your property, we closely follow all safety protocols.
  • Pool Drainage: If necessary, we drain all the water from the pool.
  • Pool Removal: Depending on your choice, our crew will either fully remove or partially remove your swimming pool. Fully removing your swimming pool allows you to build in the area without any future limitations. Partial removal leaves a portion of the swimming pool underground.
  • Clean Up: Our staff uses top of the line tools and machinery to remove the pieces of the swimming pool. When engaging in clean up services, Remove A Pool recycles any reusable materials.
  • Filling in the Space: Regardless of your choice, we fill the open area with gravel and soil. If needed, we offer premium grading services to ensure the highest level of prep space for your next project.

If you need additional information on our swimming pool removal or demolition services, please contact us today. Offering a 5-year satisfaction guarantee, Remove A Pool is leading source for superior pool removal services.