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Has your swimming pool been sitting idle for a long period of time? Or perhaps, the maintenance, chemicals, and repairs to your swimming pool keep rising. The expense of keeping a swimming pool may simply not outweigh the use.

Regardless of your reason, contacting Remove A Pool’s experts should be your next step. We want to help you reclaim your property for your next outdoor living project. Providing a high level of service to all of our customers, our York County, Pennsylvania swimming pool removal team strives to exceed your expectations.

Our York County, Pennsylvania Swimming Pool Removal Services

Our Remove A Pool specialists are prompt, professional and courteous throughout the pool removal process. Fully insured and licensed, our York County Pennsylvania swimming pool removal experts begin with a free estimate. Our no obligation quote is our first step in high-quality service. After you accept our offer, we immediately go to work for you.

  • Local Ordinances: Our team checks to ensure we closely follow all rules and regulations for removing a swimming pool in York County, Pennsylvania.
  • Permits: If required, our Remove A Pool team will obtain the necessary permits.
  • Safety Protocols: Upon arriving at your residence, we engage in all safety protocols. Minimizing our impact on your property in a safe and efficient manner is our priority.
  • Equipment: Remove A Pool provides our employees with dependable, industrial grade equipment. Tools, machinery, and highly tested techniques allow us to effectively demolish and remove your swimming pool.
  • Demolition: Remove A Pool offers abandonment and exhumation pool removal services. Burying the remaining portion of the pool, the abandonment process consists of removing only the top layer. In the exhumation process, our team removes all aspects of your swimming pool from your property.
  • Final Process: Using gravel and topsoil, our team fills and packs the opens space from removing a swimming in York County, Pennsylvania.
  • Cleanup: Our Remove A Pool experts carefully remove all the debris from your property. During the cleanup process, we sort any reusable materials for recycling. Participating in recycling allows us to move our company forward with the green initiative. Keeping usable materials out of landfills, we want to do our part for preserving the environment for future generations.

Due to shape, size and condition, Remove A Pool understands each pool removal job is unique. Using experience and training, our York County Pennsylvania swimming pool removal team will handle all of your pool removal needs. Please contact us today.