Damascus Maryland Pool Demolition

Before removing a pool in Damascus Maryland, you likely want to know what you can expect. It’s just human nature, especially if you have any worries about the Damascus Maryland pool demolition process. The first thing you need to know is that you have options when you’re ready to remove a pool from your property.

You have the option of choosing a full pool removal or a partial pool removal. You also have the option of “new grass” once our team has completed demolition. Pool removal options can be discussed over the phone or in-person during your estimate.

Options for Removing a Pool in Damascus Maryland

Full Removal: The full removal is referred to as an “exhumation removal.” This option involves the complete removal of a pool so it’s a little more costly. During a full removal, we’ll use heavy duty machinery to break up the pool into pieces. All of the debris is then removed from the former pool area and the open space is filled in. We fill in the space using dirt and rocks.

Half Removal: The half removal is referred to as an “abandonment removal.” This is a cost-effective solution to the removal of an old pool. During a half removal, half of the pool is broken into pieces. The remaining half will then get holes punched into is using special machinery. The holes are necessary so that the area can drain properly in the future once the area has been filled in.

Getting Started with Damascus Maryland Pool Demolition

Before beginning with Damascus Maryland pool demolition, contact Remove A Pool to obtain a FREE estimate. At that time, a pool removal expert will discuss your options with you and provide you with a quote after examination of the pool.

After the estimate, we may or may not need a permit to begin working on your property. If we do, it’s not a problem to obtain one. We’ll schedule a date to start demolition and we’ll drain the pool if it needs to be drained.

Would you like new grass for this area?

If the idea of fresh grass in this area of your property appeals to you, then you may find an interest in this additional service. At an additional charge, Remove A Pool does in fact plant fresh grass in the area of pool removal upon request.

To learn more about removing a pool in Damascus Maryland, contact Remove A Pool today!