Are you uncertain about the process for removing your swimming pool in Gambrills, Maryland? Do not worry. We at Remove A Pool are here to help. Years ago your swimming pool was the perfect addition to your property. Now, you simply do want the pool. Thousands of people make the decision to rid their property of an old swimming pool every day.

Our High-Quality Gambrills Swimming Pool Removal Services

Remove A Pool starts each pool removal process with a free estimate. Our specialists will go over all the details of pool removal needs. After accepting our competitive estimate, we begin the process of removing your pool.


The Pool Removal Process

We arrive promptly at a predetermined date to begin your swimming pool removal process. Locating all underground utilities, our experts will disconnect any lines. At each stage of the pool removal process, we follow all safety procedures. Protecting our crew and your property is a major priority for us.

Next, we begin the process of removing your swimming pool. If needed, our team will drain any remaining water from your pool. Using highly powered equipment, we drill holes in the bottom of the pool. Remove A Pool offers two options, partial or complete, for removing a swimming pool in Gambrills, Maryland. Each one begins by breaking down the pool’s concrete structure for efficient removal.

  • Partial: Leaving a major portion of the pool in the ground, our experts remove only the top parts. Partial pool removal offers a faster turnaround rate.
  • Complete: We remove your entire swimming pool from your property. If you are planning to build on the site, complete pool removal is ideal for eliminating any restrictions.

Both choices yield high-quality results for your property.

Final Steps

Engaging in swimming pool demolition is messy. Our team will effectively clean and clear the area to meet your expectations. If possible, our pool removal experts will recycle any usable materials.

After completing your pool demolition, our Remove A Pool specialists dump gravel and topsoil into the open cavity. After the backfill process is complete, we implement soil grading to ensure a compacted safe area for your next project.

If you need more information for removing a swimming pool in Gambrills, Maryland, please contact us at Remove A Pool today. Our team is available to answer all your questions.