Greenbelt Maryland Pool Demolition: How it Works and What to Expect

Have you had enough of the family pool? If it’s finally time to remove the old family pool, the professionals of Remove A Pool are here to help. When we’re on the job performing Greenbelt Maryland pool demolition, you can expect the safe, efficient, and professional removal of any pool type. If you’re worried about whether or not we’re able to remove your specific pool type, give us a call. We can remove any pool at Remove A Pool.

How It All Works – Removing a Pool in Greenbelt Maryland

First thing’s first, you’ll request an estimate. Estimates offered by our team of demolition pros are “on us.” Estimates are FREE. So if you’re still on the fence with your decision, this is the perfect chance to address the issues that keep you hesitating from moving forward, with a professional.

Once you’re satisfied with your estimate and you’ve chosen a demolition method, we’ll move forward and set a date to break ground. Next on the list is to obtain a permit to work on the property of the pool.

On the day of demolition, we’ll set up our equipment and prepare for the removal of that old pool. If the pool still contains any water, our team will have to drain it all out. Special machinery is used for this phase of demolition as well.

When it comes to the actual “demolition” of the pool, we’ll perform either a partial (abandonment) removal or a complete (exhumation) removal. For pricing and affordability reasons, many property owners opt for an abandonment removal whereas homeowners interested in full-removal, opt for exhumation.

With the abandonment method, we’ll leave a portion of the pool remaining in the ground. This portion will receive multiple holes punched into its bottom to allow for drainage. When we say “drainage,” we’re talking future rain, etc. Both methods involve the careful filling in of the remaining hole using a combination of dirt and rocks.

Time to Get Cleaned Up

Once we’ve demolished the pool, all of the remaining debris is cleaned up. During this phase, we strive to leave your property as neat as it was found. All remaining debris is safely transferred to a facility where it is to be recycled.

Homeowners interested in fresh grass for the old pool area often request our additional service of planting fresh grass seeds. Please note that this service includes an additional fee and is optional.

To find out more or to request an estimate for Greenbelt Maryland pool demolition, contact the experts of Remove A Pool today!

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