When it comes to Florida swimming pool removal, Remove A Pool is your answer to save and efficient pool demolition. A non-functioning or unwanted pool poses a liability for your property. Many of our Florida customers want to demolish their unwanted pool in order to reclaim the space. We feature experienced crews and state-of-the-art earth-removal and demolition equipment. For removing a swimming pool in Florida, Remove A Pool has the expert contracts you can trust for the job. And if that’s not enough—we’ll even haul away all the debris and plant new grass where your old pool used to be!

Remove A Pool: Experts in Florida Swimming Pool Removal

Demolishing an aged pool is a big task, but Remove A Pool does this type of work day in and day out. We routinely provide our demolition services to both residential and commercial property owners throughout the state of Florida. Our crews are certified and have the experience needed to safely demolish your unwanted pool. Remove A Pool has been in the Florida swimming pool removal business for twenty years. We have the know-how needed to efficiently remove any type of swimming pool from any type of property.

Why Remove Your Florida Swimming Pool?

People choose to remove their pools for many reasons. While a quality pool can last for decades, it can’t last forever. Sometimes it just wears out or the shell becomes non-reparable. We routinely remove swimming pools in Florida for the following reasons:

Cost: A Florida pool, on average, can cost upwards of $4,000 per year to maintain. Many pool owners simply don’t want to commit to that kind of annual expense. Commercial pools cost far more to maintain and they also pose high expenses for insurance.

House Marketability: We get a lot of calls for pool removal in Florida from house sellers who want to make their property more marketable. A non-functioning pool is a liability that will detract from their asking price. Many home buyers may also want to avoid purchasing a house with a pool because they simply don’t want to maintain it.

No Longer Used: Many households wind up outgrowing their swimming pool. As kids grow up and grow out, the pool may not be used or not used often enough to warrant its upkeep and expense. Commercial properties may find that the pool isn’t used often enough to justify all the expense it generates for the business.

Reclaim the Space: Many property owners want to use their space for another purpose. Apartment complexes might want to build on the property or install a different type of feature like a tennis court. Homeowners might want more room in the yard for their pets, to install a garden, or to expand the patio.

No matter the reason for the removal, Remove A Pool has the necessary expertise to efficiently remove any swimming pool in Florida. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our affordable rates.

The Demolition Process

Remove A Pool will first visit your property in order to provide you with a cost estimate. We will assess your pool and property and help you decide what services are ideal for you. There are two types of demolition procedures. For abandonment demolition, we will remove most of the pool and then drill holes into the remaining parts to allow for good drainage. Exhumation removal involves the complete demolition and removal of the pool. In either case, we will haul away the debris and bring it to a facility that recycles it. We fill in the pool cavity and can even plant grass if you choose.

Our crews are high-qualified to perform all our demolition services and to operate our heavy equipment. We prioritize safety so you can relax knowing that this job is in capable hands. Remember, we can also procure the needed permits for the demolition and we’ll certainly schedule a date that suits your time frame.

Reclaim Your Property

By contacting Remove A Pool, you can get rid of your unwanted pool and reclaim your property for a whole new purpose. In fact, you might even want use to take away your old pool so you can install a brand new one! Be sure to tell us how you want to use the land so we can provide you with some good recommendations regarding our demolition and pool removal services.

Remove A Pool has a great reputation throughout Florida. When it comes to Florida swimming pool removal, we are the experts. Contact us to find out more about our services or to schedule an estimate. Serving St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, New Port Richey, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Broward County, Palm Beach County, Jacksonville, Orlando , and more!