Has the time come to change your backyard landscape? Is removing your swimming pool part of the plan? Trust us, you are not alone. Everyday homeowners decide the time is right for removing a swimming pool in Alabama. After you make the final decision, the next step is finding a reputable pool removal service to meet all of your unique needs.

Regardless of the size, shape or condition of your pool, Remove A Pool offers high-quality Alabama swimming pool removal service. Our experts engage in reliable techniques to ensure your swimming pool removal process is efficient. Meeting and exceeding your expectations for removing a swimming pool in Alabama is our optimal goal.

Alabama Swimming Pool Removal and Demolition Services

Engaging in Alabama swimming pool removal offers numerous benefits. Homeowners can take advantage of the saving money on repairs, eliminate maintenance costs, and reduce liabilities and potential hazards. Best of all you will be able to reclaim your backyard space for your next project.

The Remove A Pool team engages in two different types of superior Alabama swimming pool removal services.

  • Partial Pool Removal Process: Removing the upper portion of your swimming pool, we bury the rest. The abandonment or partial pool removal process is a cost effective solution.
  • Complete Pool Removal Process: Our specialists engage in full demolition and removal. Complete removing a swimming pool in Alabama has one advantage over partial removal. You will be able to build on the spot of the pool’s former space without any type of restrictions.

Remove A Pool handles all the details of removing a swimming pool in Alabama. We begin by acquiring the proper permits and learning the stipulations for pool removal in your area. Following all safety protocols, we use top of the line equipment, tools, and resources to complete your pool removal option. After the process is complete, our experts fill the empty pool space with gravel and top soil.

Our Commitment to Proper Disposal

Remove A Pool engages in high-quality disposal techniques. Our team focuses on recycling rather than complete disposal. Collecting concrete, brick, wood, piping and other reusable materials, we take the materials back to our facility. Our efforts prevent the fill up of local landfills with usable materials. Our Alabama swimming pool removal experts want to help in preserving the environment.

If you would like to receive a free estimate or have questions regarding our Alabama swimming pool removal and demolition process, please contact us. Remove A Pool is available to help you with your plans to transform your backyard into your next big project.