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Using Remove A Pool For Your Frisco, Texas Pool Removal Needs

Many homeowners are becoming interested in removing a pool in Frisco Texas, either due to the fact that they no longer use the pool, find that it has become too expensive to maintain or are seeking to free up the land for other structures. Fortunately, we at Remove A Pool specialize in removing pools of all types, without breaking our customers’ budgets.

Removing a Pool

When we remove your pool, we can either completely demolish or partially remove the pool. The first involves a complete demolition of the pool where we remove the entire pool, leaving nothing at all behind. This can be useful if you are considering building another structure on the site of the former pool or wish to maximize the value of your home. The second method is a partial pool removal, which is a less expensive alternative to a complete demolition. In that case, we will remove the first several feet of the pool’s concrete, while also punching holes in the bottom of the pool to allow for drainage. After that, the remains of the pool will be filled in by a mixture of dirt and gravel, eliminating any sign that the pool existed.

In both cases, we’ll transport all the remaining concrete and other waste material off of your property. After that, depending on your desires, we may leave the area bare or cover it with sod or other materials in order to eliminate any sign of the pool’s existence. For those seeking a Frisco Texas pool demolition service, our professional removal technicians can ensure that either process is accomplished quickly and without any inconvenience to the homeowner.

Why You Should Work With Us

With years of experience in this field, we know exactly how to handle all types of pool removal operations. Our experienced specialists are fully insured and we know exactly what types of permits will be needed for any work on your property. For this reason, when removing a pool in Frisco Texas we will be able to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly. Finally, our payment and financing plans can be adjusted to suit your specific financial situation.

Contact one of our skilled customer service representatives and let Remove A Pool help you get rid of your unsightly pool today.