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Questions and Concerns Regarding Weston Florida Pool Demolition

It’s normal to feel nervous about pool removal, but when we’re handling this task, we strive to make it a worry-free experience for property owners. All equipment utilized during demolition is state-of-the-art and our team is highly-experienced in removing all types of pools. Questions and concerns can be addressed in-person during your FREE estimate or over the phone.

The Process of Removing a Pool in Weston Florida

The first phase of pool removal begins with the estimate. Following your complementary estimate, we’ll pick-up the permit needed to get the job done. From there, we’ll establish a start date and get ready to dig in to your backyard. If your pool still contains water, we’re going to drain it out on the day of demolition prior to the removal of the pool.

When we begin demolition, we’ll either remove the whole pool (exhumation pool removal) or part of the pool (abandonment pool removal). To remove part of the pool is the least-expensive of the two options and is the most commonly performed method of removal.

During the partial removal, the same techniques are used to get the job done with the exception of the fact that we’ll need to punch holes into the remaining section of the pool. These holes are punched into the bottom of the pool and enable the remaining section to drain once it’s filled in.

The pool is filled in carefully with dirt and rocks, using special machinery. Once it’s all field in, we begin to clean up and remove all of the debris left behind. Debris is recycled and upon request, we’ll plant grass seed. There is a separate charge for grass seed and this service is only performed upon request.

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    Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Pool

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