Parkville and Overlea Maryland Pool Demolition

Before embarking on the journey of removing a pool in Parkville and Overlea Maryland, it’s important to connect with a demolition company that you can trust. Due to the nature of the task at hand, you want a contracting company that’s licensed, insured, highly-skilled and reliable. The company that you want handling your Parkville and Overlea Maryland pool demolition needs is Remove A Pool.

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What are my options for Parkville and Overlea Maryland pool demolition?

You have a few options to consider. When it comes to the method of removal itself, you have a choice between an exhumation removal (complete) and an abandonment removal (partial.

As you can imagine, a partial is the least expensive option if you’re on a budget. When we partially remove a pool, we’ll “punch holes” into the half that remains. These holes will help the buried half of the pool with “drainage” in the future.

How does removing a pool in Parkville and Overlea Maryland work?

Before getting started, we might need a permit. Once we have our work permit, we’ll begin. With both methods of removal, we’ll first begin by emptying the pool of its water. Following the water removal, we’ll start demolition which involves heavy duty equipment, machinery, and a team of demolition pros.

After we’ve completed demolition, we fill in the open space with dirt and rocks. Our goal when filling in the space is to avoid “settling.” We’re then going to clean up your property and transfer all remaining debris to a recycling facility. If you’re interested, we’ll then plant grass seed. Grass seed is a separate service with a separate charge and must be requested.

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