Bedford Texas Pool Demolition

Before you can begin removing a pool in Bedford Texas, the first step is to find a contractor you can trust to get the job done safely. The company to call for expert Bedford Texas pool demolition is Remove A Pool. All pool removals performed by the Remove A Pool team are performed with safety in mind at all times.

Our company is licensed and fully-insured to perform our services to property owners in Bedford. With a reputation built on years of trust, we’re the reliable, dependable pool removal team to call when you want the job done right.

How Removing a Pool in Bedford Texas Works

This is what you can expect when having a pool removed from your property:

Step 1: Contact Remove A Pool for a FREE estimate. It is during this visit that we’ll give you a quote for the removal of your in-ground pool, discuss your options with you, and answer your questions regarding the process.

Step 2: Once you’ve received your estimate and you’ve chosen a method of removal, we’ll find out if we need a permit so we can set a date to get started.

Step 3: Before we can begin removing any pool, we must first drain the pool of existing water. This is done by drilling into the concrete.

Step 4: Now we’re ready to demolish the pool using heavy-duty equipment and machinery. We’ll perform either an abandonment removal or exhumation removal depending upon which method you’ve selected. If we’re removing half of the pool, the other half that remains will need to get “hole-punched” prior to filling it in with dirt and rocks. We do this so there won’t be any problems in the future with drainage. Both methods end the same way – with the expert filling in of the space using dirt and rocks.

Step 5: Lastly, we’re going to remove all pool debris from your property and if you’re interested, we can help you by planting grass seed. Grass seed has its own separate charge and we only fulfill this service upon request.

To get started with Bedford Texas pool demolition or to learn more, contact us to request an estimate today!