Is your old swimming pool taking up valuable yard space you’d rather use for something else? Does it cost more each month than it’s worth to your family? When you’re ready to reclaim your yard, you need expert help. Remove A Pool is your number one choice for removing a swimming pool in Annapolis, Maryland.

Common Reasons For Pool Backfilling In Annapolis

You want to sell your home.

You want to buy a home.

You want to install a new family swimming pool.

You want to make your property as safe as possible.

You want to use the yard space for something new.

You want to save money.

Why You Need Remove A Pool

  • We specialize in swimming pool removal. No one knows more about it than us.
  • We prescreen all our demolition contractors, so you always get the right qualified professional to handle your removal job. Our professionals are fully licensed by the state, bonded, and insured.
  • We will work with you to find the right solution to your swimming pool removal problems.
  • Our competitive rates make our premium services affordable.
  • Just like you, Annapolis is our home. We will be here long after your job is finished.

Here’s What Happens When You Contact Us

Free Assessment & Estimate: We will visit your home, where our professional swimming pool removal representatives will inspect your pool and property. Next comes the assessment of what will need to be done in your individual situation. You will receive an estimate for the services that you require and have the chance to choose the removal process of your choice.

Permits: We will obtain any necessary permits to comply with your area’s particular zoning laws.

Demolition: You have two choices for swimming pool demolition.

  • Abandonment demolition is a partial removal of your pool, in which only the uppermost few feet of concrete are removed. Then, we will perforate what is left, to allow for drainage, and fill the area with dirt and gravel.
  • Exhumation demolition is a complete swimming pool removal process, after which the space is, as before, filled.

Environmentally-Friendly Debris Removal: We will clear the refuse after the demolition is complete. After loading it on our trucks, we will haul everything we can to our recycling facilities, to keep our landfills from getting clogged.

Planting of Grass: We will even plant grass in the empty space, if you wish.

Contact Remove A Pool today to find out how we can help you. Get your free estimate from the Annapolis swimming pool removal professionals.