Does your pool go for weeks or months at a time without use? Swimming pools use a large amount of property space. Can you use the space for a more usable project? Let us help. We at Remove A Pool will work with you to clear yard space for a new more usable project.

Along with reclaiming valuable yard space, our experts at Remove A Pool want to share the advantages for removing a swimming pool in Arlington, Texas.

  • Increase buyer potential when placing your property on the market.
  • Eliminate hazardous areas for your children, grandchildren or pets.
  • Save on monthly bills by reducing utility consumption.
  • Reduction in home insurance premiums by eliminating liabilities.
  • Eliminate repair costs, chemicals, and routine maintenance from your budget.

The above list is just a few advantages for filling a swimming pool in Arlington.

Our Comprehensive Arlington Swimming Pool Backfilling Process

At Remove A Pool, we believe in comprehensive service when backfilling your pool. We start our highly reputable customer service commitment with a free estimate. At this time, we analyze your pool removal needs, prepare a plan of action and set a date for our experts to arrive.

Prior to arriving on your property, we fill out any necessary paperwork to acquire the exact permits for removing a swimming pool. Allowing us to fill out the forms will save you time and money. Always using industrial grade equipment, our pool specialists follow all local guidelines, restrictions and safety protocols.

At Remove A Pool, we offer two high-quality choices for getting rid of your  swimming pool:

  • Complete: For complete or exhumation, we remove every piece of your pool from your property.
  • Partial: For partial or abandonment, we remove only the upper part of the concrete and leave the rest of the pool for burial. Our demolition experts will drill holes in the bottom of the pool’s structure to guarantee proper drainage.

Both options will deliver high-end results to reclaim your property. If needed, our pool demolition specialists will explain the options in detail to find the best one for your situation.

Our experts continue the pool demolition process by clearing away all the debris. If possible, we attempt to recycle any usable debris. We finalize our filling process by bringing in gravel and topsoil to fill open areas.

Do you need more information for removing a swimming pool in Arlington, Texas? Contact us at Remove A Pool today. We are here to answer all your Arlington swimming pool backfilling needs.