Whether it’s finally time to remove the old family pool or you’ve recently invested in a piece of property that included a pool you’d much rather have removed, look no further than the Remove A Pool team for all of your Ashburn Virginia swimming pool demolition needs. We take pool removal serious from start to finish. We have two priorities – our customers and safe pool removal.

As a licensed and fully insured contractor, you can count on services that are completed beyond expectations. We have two pool removal options for Ashburn property owners to choose from, and the quicker you schedule your free estimate to discuss your two options, the quicker we can move forward and set a date for the big day.

Getting started with your Ashburn pool removal team

Your two options to choose from when removing a pool in Ashburn Virginia include the abandonment option, which is the most popular choice among home owners for its cost-effectiveness. And the second option is an exhumation.

Each process leaves the same result – no more pool. However, the difference between the two lays in the removal itself. An abandonment of a pool requires the removal of half of the pool, while leaving the lower half remaining in the ground, which is later filled in with a dirt/rock combination. Prior to filling in the area, we use special equipment to punch holes into the concrete.

The holes will aide in the drainage of the area in the future. As you can likely imagine, because an exhumation is a complete removal, the process requires more man power, time for removal, and equipment, which is why it’s the more costly option.

Before Selecting an Option

Before making your final choice for Ashburn Virginia pool demolition, make sure to speak with a Remove A Pool expert to go over your future plans for this area of your property. The expert can assist in your decision making process to ensure you’ve selected the appropriate demolition plan, which aligns with your future plans for the property area. Of course, you’ll also want to consider your budget.

A Quick Process Rundown

Removing a pool in Ashburn Virginia is a process that starts with an estimate request and ends with the complete and total cleanup of the property. In between, we’ll grab any necessary permits, set up, drain the pool of existing water, and then of course perform the demolition of the pool. The demolition phase will vary depending on which type you’ve opted for.

And finally, many of our customers enjoy our additional grass seed service. When requested, we’ll go ahead and spread grass seed throughout this bare area before heading on out and saying our goodbyes. It is likely inevitable that you’ll have to do this yourself immediately following or when time allows, which is why many folks prefer for us to just go ahead and get thing started.

To learn more about removing a pool in Ashburn Virginia with the Remove A Pool team, or to request your free quote, contact us today!