Remove A Pool delivers the professional, no-stress pool removal solution that discerning homeowners can count on. We’re making making removing a swimming pool in Avondale, Ohio easy by taking care of everything involved with dismantling and disposing of your unwanted in-ground or above-ground pool – we’ll even fill the hole and plant fresh grass seed for you!

Benefits of Swimming Pool Removal Service

Having a pool in your backyard can be a lot of fun, but it can also involve a lot of work and expense. Here’s just some of the benefits you might enjoy by removing your pool:

  • You could qualifiy for lower home insurance costs
  • You may get a reduction on your water, electrical, and gas bills
  • You’ll have extra outdoor space to play with your kids, grandkids, or pets
  • You’ll have room to plant a garden, build a gazebo, or create an outdoor kitchen
  • You’ll no longer worry about your pool leaking and flooding your home, lawn, or neighboring properties
  • You won’t have to deal with friends, neighbors, and family members constantly wanting to swim in your pool

Your Full-Service Swimming Pool Removal Contractors

Here at Remove A Pool, we take pride in exceeding your expectations by delivering high-quality service and reliable workmanship.

Our team of fully licensed pool removal experts are all verified U.S. citizens who have the skills and experience needed to complete all aspects of your project. We take care of all the electrical, plumbing, and gas connections, drain the standing water from your pool, and dismantle the structure.

We also dispose of all the debris so you don’t need to hire a separate rubbish contractor, and we even take the time to sort out all the recyclable materials for diversion to an approved recycling facility. We’ll then fill in the void where your pool once was using a specialized blend of gravel, sand, and clean topsoil to create a solid, level surface that’s ready for your next project.

Call For Your Free, No-Obligation Estimate

When you’re considering removing a swimming pool in Avondale, Ohio, contact us here at Remove A Pool to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate. We’ve been helping homeowners like you for over 25 years enjoy freedom from unwanted pools.