Do you want to remove your swimming pool? Do you want the job done right the first time? Contacting us at Remove A Pool should be your first step. Acting as a community resource, we provide comprehensive and reliable Bear swimming pool backfilling services.

At Remove A Pool, our demolition experts are highly trained, prompt professionals. We use only the top of line equipment and tested methods for removing a swimming pool in Bear. We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations for a job well done.

Why Backfill Your Swimming Pool?

Every pool owner has a different reason for removing a swimming pool in Bear, Delaware including:

  • The pool’s monthly expenses keep increasing.
  • The pool needs costly repairs.
  • Since your children have left home, you simply do not use the pool.
  • Putting your home on the market, the pool is not a selling point. Removing your pool may attract more prospective buyers.
  • The pool is a liability risk and a hazard.

Our Highly Rated Bear Swimming Pool Backfilling Process

At Remove A Pool, we believe in complete customer service from start to finish. Guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction, we want your experience with us to be stress-free.

  • Free Estimate: We start our service by offering a free estimate. We use this time to go over all the details of your Bear swimming pool removal needs.
  • Permits: Our team acquires the needed permits for removing a swimming pool.
  • Safety Check: Prior to starting the removal process, we check for remaining utility connections. We also drain the water at this time. We fully believe in safety first at each stage of the removal process.
  • Pool Removal: Using the best equipment, we offer two choices for backfills: complete and partial. Each type yields high-end results. Using complete removal, our team removes the entire swimming pool. Partial removal requires us to leave a majority of pool in the ground for burial.
  • Cleanup: After removing the debris, we fill in the open spaces with gravel and topsoil.

If you would like more information about removing a swimming pool in Bear, Delaware, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.