When you find yourself thinking about removing a pool in Bethesda Maryland, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration when choosing a contractor to get the job done; experience, cost, and competence. This is why you’ll want to consider the Remove A Pool team.

Whether you’re interested in a full removal, or a partial removal, we’ll make sure you select the appropriate choice of removal per your budget and after discussing your plans for this area of your property with you.

We’ll go over all of this and more during your complementary estimate. Regardless of which option you choose for Bethesda Maryland pool demolition, you can count on us to get the job done safely and cleanup is swift.

Options for Removal

Abandonment: This option is the “partial removal” requiring less equipment and less labor due to the obvious fact that we’re removing less concrete. When performing a partial removal, using a special tool, we take the tool and punch holes into the remaining concrete which is later filled in with dirt and rocks. The reason for the holes is to ensure that the area drains properly in the future.

Exhumation: This is the more costly option, because it takes more time to remove every inch of the pool. And then once we’ve demolished the entire pool, we then have to pack up all the concrete, and pool pieces, and remove this debris from your property.

The Process and Getting Started

The first step is for us to visit the property and discuss your options while assessing the pool and working up an estimate. If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll get busy looking into necessary permit requirements and ensuring we meet these requirements. Then we set the date, and then demolition will commence.

Before we start the actual demolishment of your pool, we’ll first drain it of any existing water. Next up is demolition, either abandonment or exhumation, again depending upon your choice. Following this step, we then fill in the area. Once we’ve completed demolition, we then start cleaning up the property and removing all pool debris. In the end, you’ll never know we were there with the exception of the fresh dirt and rocks covering the old pool area.

Your Bethesda Swimming Pool Removal Company

Ready to get started removing a pool in Bethesda Maryland? Getting started is easy. Simply request a free estimate with Remove A Pool today! Remove A Pool is one of America’s leading pool contractors and we’re proud to provide our demolition services to Bethesda property owners. We’re licensed, insured, and our entire team is highly-trained and skilled, and all of our equipment is state-of-the-art. We take pride in competent, safe pool removal, and in the satisfaction of our customers.