Swimming pool removal in Bristow, Virginia is made easier when you turn to the experienced team at Remove A Pool. Removing a swimming pool requires numerous steps, including working to create a plan to safely and effectively demolish the structure and remove as much of it as possible. Our licensed and insured contractors at Remove A Pool ensure the job is done properly and according to your specific needs.

Where to Get Started

Swimming pool demolition will begin with a consultation from our team. We will come to your location and gather information about your needs and goals. From this we can then determine the best route to take to safely remove the structure. Generally, this will include drilling holes into the bottom of the pool to allow water to drain safely. From there, we’ll either complete a full or a partial pool removal.

In a partial pool removal, we demolish the walls of the pool into itself and fill in the opening with gravel and dirt. We compact it and you can use the space for anything you need to. This is the most common and most affordable option. In a full pool removal, we go further. We remove the entire structure from the space. We will then haul away as much of the pieces as possible before filling in and compacting the area. Though more expensive, this option is best for those who may plan to replace the pool at a later time.

Why Trust Remove A Pool?

At Remove A Pool, we know you just want your backyard back. We understand that many of our homeowners want to stop paying for pool repair and costly chemicals. And, we know that removing a pool can also boost the value of a home. That’s why we do our best to ensure you get comprehensive service you can rely on. When you call us, you an expect fast, reliable service. You will always get competitive pricing for the pool removal service you choose. And, we’re happy to help with obtaining the necessary permits for the job.

Removing a swimming pool in Bristow, requires the proper equipment and a team of professionals willing to work hard to help you every step of the way. If you are ready for us to help you, we encourage you to give Remove A Pool a call now to discuss your options. We are happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to go over the options available to you. Let’s talk about the benefits of removing a pool from your home today.