Do you have a swimming pool on your property that’s causing you stress? Maybe you and your family used to spend hours in the pool on hot summer days. But, now you’ve realized the pool just isn’t serving its purpose any longer. If you’re having such issues, then you may need the services of Remove A Pool. We find that property owners have many reasons for requesting swimming pool removal services. Some of the most common reasons we encounter are:

  • the pool has fallen into disrepair
  • the maintenance and repairs are ongoing and expensive
  • the pool is no longer being used
  • the hoemowner is selling the property
  • the homeowner has other desired uses for the property

If you’ve been hesitant to inquire about removing a swimming pool in Buena Park, you can rest assured that when you call Remove A Pool, the pool removal process will be explained to you and our friendly associates will answer your questions. You can expect the following after your call to Remove A Pool:

  • A swimming pool removal professional will assess your property. During this time you will be provided with an estimated cost as well as an in-depth overview of the project. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions during this time.
  • The next step requires Remove A Pool to drain the pool of any water.
  • We will then obtain any necessary permits required by your municipality. Our customers appreciate the fact that they do not need to worry about this step.
  • You’ll be given two options for removing a swimming pool in Buena Park. The first option is partial pool removal. With this process, we will collapse the pool and remove the concrete, leaving the remaining structure in place. This is the most popular method because it is efficient and cost-effective. The other option is a complete pool removal. No matter which option you choose, both will result in a hole that will be filled with gravel and dirt. This allows for the correct amount of drainage and proper settling.
  • We will then clean up your property and remove the resulting debris.
  • Finally, our swimming pool removal professionals will leave your property looking spectacular and ready to use by planting fresh grass.

When you employ Remove A Pool for your removal & demo needs, you can be confident you are receiving top-notch service where your project is our priority. We are committed to making your property beautiful again. We will keep you fully informed from start to finish. We will also answer your questions and address your concerns along the way. Call Remove A Pool today for your pool removal needs.