The professionals at Remove A Pool understand the importance of being able to use a property for gardening and other activities that you enjoy. But, if you have a pool on your property you are likely limited as to what you can use your property for because it takes up so much space. If you’ve been contemplating swimming pool removal in Carlsbad, then it’s time to contact the professionals at Remove A Pool.

A homeowner can have any number of reasons as to why they are interested in removing a swimming pool in Carlsbad. Many of our customers tell us they want to remove their pool simply because they do not use it any longer. Still, others have a desire to use the property for other purposes, but the pool is in the way. Another reason why pool removal is attractive to some is because pool maintenance and repairs can be costly and increase in frequency over time. If a homeowner is looking to sell the property, they may be able to increase the value if there is no pool on the property. Finally, a pool creates a real safety concern, as well as being an insurance liability risk. No matter what your reason is for requesting swimming pool demolition, rest assured that Remove A Pool can take care of all your needs and restore your property just as it was before there was ever a pool there.

We know that contemplating the swimming pool removal process can be overwhelming and make you apprehensive about calling Remove A Pool to inquire about our services. We feel that our customers appreciate having an overview of the process before making the call. After you call Remove A Pool, you can expect the following when removing a swimming pool in Carlsbad:

  • A pool removal expert from Remove A Pool will visit you and assess your property. The scope of the project will be defined and you will be provided with an estimate of costs. We will leave you with a full understanding of what will happen with your property once we begin work.
  • It is necessary for Remove A Pool to drain any standing water from your swimming pool.
  • Before we begin the project, we will obtain any necessary permits that are required by the local, county or state government.
  • You have options for your swimming pool removal. The most popular option is a partial removal. This will require Remove A Pool to collapse the pool and remove the concrete. The other option, which is more expensive, is a complete removal.
  • Remove A Pool will fill the resulting hole with dirt and gravel to allow for drainage and settling.
  • Remove A Pool will clean all the debris from your property and haul it away.
  • Finally, we will plant new grass to leave your property looking well-manicured and ready to use.

When you decide the time is right for your swimming pool removal project in Carlsbad, then call the experts at Remove A Pool to see how we can help you.