When it’s time to say goodbye to your backyard pool, you can count on us to take good care of you and your property. We’re Remove A Pool, and for over 25 years we’ve been helping discerning homeowners like you with our professional, no-stress pool removal solutions.

Our team of fully licensed Cheviot, Ohio swimming pool removal experts have all the skills, experience, and equipment needed to deal with all aspects of pool removal, so you don’t need to worry about hiring separate contractors to enjoy relief from your unwanted pool.

What’s Involved With Removing A Swimming Pool in Cheviot, Ohio?

Swimming pool removal is a complex job that involves dealing with high-powered electrical connections, tons of concrete, fiberglass, and plastic, and tens of thousands of gallons of water.

Here at Remove A Pool, we use innovative, industry-leading pool removal techniques that are designed to minimize our environmental impact, prevent damage to your property, and keep our contractors safe while on the job.

Before we start your  swimming pool removal project, we’ll obtain any necessary permits on your behalf to ensure all the work we do complies with local building codes and regulations. We’ll contact your utility providers to locate any buried electrical, gas, and telecommunication lines near your pool, and we’ll disconnect and cap off all the power and plumbing connections to your pump and heater using methods that meet or exceed state and national standards.

We’ll then go ahead and siphon all the standing water out of your swimming pool, taking care to protect your home and surrounding property against flooding while we work. Once your pool is dry, our fully insured contractors will use a combination of hand and power tools to de-construct your pool and take all the debris away to an approved waste management facility.

Using a specialized blend of soil, sand, and gravel, we’ll completely fill the space where your swimming pool once was, leaving you with a safe, level, and well-drained space that’s ready for you to enjoy.

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