Once a swimming pool is past its prime or is no longer used by a household or commercial property, it can become little more than a space taker, a liability, and even an unwanted expense. Removing a swimming pool in College Park, Maryland is as easy as contacting Remove A Pool, the leading pool removal service in the region. We feature highly experience crews who can deliver our pool removal services. If you need College Park swimming pool removal, be sure to contact us for a quote.

Efficient College Park Pool Removal

If you no longer want your swimming pool taking up valuable space on your property, contact Remove A Pool for our reliable services. We can perform a complete or partial pool removal depending on your needs. Once you contact us, we can send out a technician to assess your swimming pool’s condition and to determine everything needed to efficiently remove your pool. Not only will we bring along all the equipment and gear needed to remove your pool; we can even obtain the required permits to do so.

Why Remove Your Swimming Pool

Residential and commercial property owners have many reasons for removing a swimming pool. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Pool is Non-Functioning

When your pool is beyond repair, it makes perfect sense to have this feature removed so you can reclaim your space. A non-functioning pool takes up your property space. You can reclaim it once you have this pool removed.

Real Estate Listing

Many people are interested in removing a swimming pool when they decide to list their property. It’s tough to market a home or commercial property that contains a non-functioning or aged swimming pool. Many buyers are turned off by this type of liability.


Many people trying to cut down on their annual expenses decide to save big by having their pool demoed. They can save on pool supplies, pool maintenance, and pricey pool repairs once they decide to have the pool taken out.

When it comes to pool demolitions, Remove A Pool is your best option for affordable pricing and consummate expertise. We’ll safely remove your pool in a timely manner and even plant grass seed after filling in the excavated space. If you need swimming pool removal in College Park, contact Remove A Pool today.