When you’re looking for a simple way to have your unwanted pool removed, call us here at Remove A Pool. We’ve been in business for more than 25 years, and during that time we’ve helped homeowners, property investors, and real estate agents across the country with our all-inclusive pool disconnection, demolition, and removal services.

Whether you have an old inground pool you want to have filled in, need us to tear down an above-ground pool, or want a hot tub or spa taken away, you can count on our team of Crofton swimming pool backfilling experts to exceed your expectations with our professional service, quality workmanship, and commitment to doing things right, the first time.

What’s Included With Our Crofton Pool Filling Service

Pool filling is the fastest and most economical option when in comes to dealing with an unwanted inground pool. Also known as partial pool removal, with pool filling only the upper portion of your pool liner and the decking are demolished – the rest of your pool structure remains in place on your property.

Here’s what’s included with our pool filling service:

  • All the site inspections, soil testing, and demolition permits as required
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage including workers’ compensation
  • Siphoning any standing water out of your pool to prevent flooding of your yard
  • Location and disconnection of the water, gas, and electrical lines from your pool
  • Demolition of the pool deck and upper 18″-24″ of the pool structure using hand tools and power equipment
  • Creation of multiple drainage holes in the base of your pool to ensure the area remains dry and stable
  • Filling in the entire pool structure with clean sand, topsoil, and gravel to level the pool area with the surrounding property
  • At your request, we’ll also seed down the space with fast-growing grass seed
  • We’ll also give you all the documentation you need to confirm your pool was filled in using safe, code-compliant techniques

We also offer complete pool demolition services which leave your property completely free of any signs there was ever a pool installed. Although pool extraction involves a higher up-front cost than pool filling, if you’re backfilling a swimming pool in Crofton, Maryland in order to make room for a home addition, new building, or to sell your property, this option can be your best choice.

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