Did you recently buy a piece of property with a large swimming pool in the backyard? Is a swimming pool not your idea of fun? Contacting us at Remove A Pool should be your next step. Our swimming pool removal experts provide fast, efficient services to meet your needs. We realize every pool removal job is different. Regardless of the size, shape or condition, our specialists are able to handle the job with complete professionalism.

Advantages for Removing a Swimming Pool in Dallas

Along with opening up your backyard space for a new outdoor living project, removing a swimming pool in Dallas, Texas has numerous advantages.

  • Reduce hazardous conditions for your children, grandchildren or pets.
  • Reduce liabilities to lower insurance premiums.
  • Eliminate repair and maintenance costs from your monthly budget.
  • Decrease your utility consumption.
  • If you decide to sell your home, removing your pool may attract more prospective buyers.

Our Highly Rated Dallas Swimming Pool Filling Process

Every swimming pool removal process is different. Our fully licensed experts work hard to exceed your expectations at each stage of the pool removal process.

Estimate: When you first contact us at Remove A Pool, we will discuss and assess your demo needs. We provide each of our clients a free estimate, develop a plan of action, and set a date for removal.

Permits: We continue our high-quality customer service by filling out all the necessary paperwork to obtain the proper permits.

Swimming Pool Demolition: We start the pool demolition process by securing the area. We ensure the utilities are off and remove the water from the pool. Next, we start dismantling your swimming pool. We at Remove A Pool offers two choices, abandonment or exhumation, for filling a pool.

With the first choice, abandonment, our team removes the upper portion of the pool and drills holes in the bottom for proper drainage. We leave most of the pool in the ground. The second choice, exhumation, requires us to remove all pieces of your pool from your property.

Debris Removal: Both types of pool fillings processes create a large amount of debris. We clear away the debris for proper disposal.

Final Touches: We fill in any remaining holes including the pool’s empty cavity with gravel and topsoil. Clearing and smoothing the area, we leave your property ready for your next project. If needed, we are able to meet the different requirements of your contractor to start building.

If you need more information for filling a swimming pool in Dallas, Texas, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.