Have an unused hot tub taking up valuable space on your deck or patio? Tired of the high costs of heating your Jacuzzi? Thinking about hiring a Delaware hot tub removal and demolition company to take away your unwanted spa?

Here at Remove A Pool, we specialize in providing discerning homeowners with a professional, no-stress hot tub removal solution. For over 25 years we’ve been demolishing and removing swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas using state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques designed to protect your property against damage.

We’re the experts when it comes to removing a hot tub in Delaware. From our friendly, experienced contractors to our unbeatable customer service, we work had to exceed your expectations.

Signs It’s Time For Your Hot Tub To Go

Installing a hot tub in your home can seem like a great investment – after all, soaking in your own personal spa is the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work, spend quality time with your loved ones, or even sooth sore, aching muscles.

Unfortunately, the reality of actually owning a hot tub isn’t quite as relaxing as hot tub companies might have you think. Maintaining a spa can be a lot of work, and it’s costly too.

If you’re considering removing a hot tub in Delaware, here’s some signs that it might be time to actually take the plunge and say goodbye to your spa:

  • You find yourself using your hot tub much less than you’d planned on.
  • Your Jacuzzi takes up a lot of valuable space that you’d like to free up for patio furniture, an addition on your home, or a nice garden.
  • You’re worried about young children playing in, or around, your hot tub.
  • Your spa requires expensive repairs, such as new jets or a pump.
  • There’s water leaking from your hot tub.
  • The cost of heating your hot tub is becoming prohibitive.
  • You’re tired of friends, family members, and neighbors wanting to use your spa.
  • You have health problems that prevent you from enjoying your Jacuzzi.
  • You’d like to upgrade your existing hot tub with a new model.

No matter what your reason for removing a hot tub in Delaware, you can count on us to do the job safely and efficiently, making it easy for you to enjoy the relief that comes with having your old hot tub taken away.

Full-Service Delaware Hot Tub Removal and Demolition

At Remove A Pool, we provide comprehensive hot tub removal services – that means our quotes include all the labor, materials, time, and tipping fees it takes to completely remove and dispose of your hot tub.

We start by ensuring that all the high-powered electrical connections, water lines, and gas lines leading to your hot tub are safely shut off and capped in a way that complies fully with building codes and regulations. We’ll then carefully drain out all the standing water, taking care to prevent flooding of your home, yard, and surrounding buildings.

Depending on the size, location, and materials in your spa, we’ll either remove it in one complete piece, or we’ll de-construct it using specialized tools. In many cases, hot tubs have been installed before a patio, enclosure, or addition was constructed, making removing the hot tub a challenging project.

Our service includes disposing of your hot tub in a way that’s safe for the environment – this means we take the time to sort out all the recyclable materials for diversion to an approved recycling facility.

Before we finish removing a hot tub in Delaware, we’ll completely clean up the work site, leaving you with a tidy, safe space that’s ready for remodeling, landscaping, or your brand new spa.

Free, No-Obligation Quotes

For your complimentary quote on our Delaware hot tub removal and demolition services, contact us here at Remove A Pool. We’ll review your project, explain your options, and leave you with a clear, up-front estimate for removing a hot tub in Delaware.