Sick of looking at the old, abandoned swimming pool in your backyard? Is it too expensive to have repaired? Contact the experts at Remove-A-Pool to find out what removal options you have. We are the number one choice for removing a swimming pool on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

When Do You Need Professional Swimming Pool Removal

While it is always a good idea to have an unused or damaged pool removed, there are certain times when it becomes necessary.

You want to sell your house. Make your listing appeal to more potential home buyers by having your swimming pool removed.

You want to update your backyard.If your interests have changed over the years, you want your yard to reflect that. Regain a huge part of your yard by letting us remove your old swimming pool.

You want to construct a new swimming pool. We can get rid of the old pool to make room for a newer, bigger swimming pool.

You want to remove a dangerous liability. Keep everyone safe by removing your unused swimming pool.

You want to save money. Dump the expense of maintaining and repairing your pool once and for all.

Why You Need A Professional Company For Swimming Pool Removal On the Eastern Shore

Demolition work requires the skills of a professionally trained demolition contractor. At Remove-A-Pool, we ensure dependable results. Among the benefits of choosing Remove A Pool:

  • We specialize in swimming pool removal. It’s not just a sideline for us.
  • Our qualified demolition contractors are fully licensed by the state of Maryland, bonded, and insured.
  • We provide the proper equipment to handle your demolition job.
  • We are locally owned.
  • We employ the most efficient methods in the industry, so we can keep our prices low.

What to Expect from Remove-A-Pool

If you’re considering Eastern Shore Maryland swimming pool removal, it helps to understand the process. Here’s what will happen when you contact Remove-A-Pool:

Assessment: We will make a visit to your home to assess your property and swimming pool. This way, we can determine what services you will require.

Free Estimate: Based on the home visit, we will offer you an estimate for pool removal at no charge.

Permits: At Remove-A-Pool, we will obtain all permits necessary for your swimming pool removal.

Demolition: You have two options for removal. A full removal gets rid of the entire swimming pool structure. Partial removal removes only the top few feet of concrete. This is the less expensive process. Whichever you choose, after demolition is finished, the area will be filled with dirt and gravel.

Waste Removal: When the job is complete, we will load all refuse into trucks and haul it off. We recycle all materials possible, to protect the environment.

Fresh Grass: After the area has been filled, we will plant fresh grass, if you wish.

Contact us today at Remove A Pool today for your free estimate for Eastern Shore Maryland swimming pool removal.  Serving Denton, Elkton, Cambridge, Chestertown, Centreville, Princess Anne, Easton, Salisbury, Snow Hill, Ocean City, Queenstown, Stevensville, Kent Island, Trappe, Oxford, St Michaels, Millington, Cecilton, Rock Hall, Federalsburg, Berlin, Fruitland, and more!