Are you uncertain on the steps to take to remove your old, outdated swimming pool? Are you looking for a premium Elsmere swimming pool removal company? Acting as a leading community resource, we at Remove A Pool are ready to help. We provide fast, reliable pool removal services to meet your specific pool filling needs.

Common Reasons for Filling a Swimming Pool in Elsmere, Delaware

As a homeowner, you have a specific reason for filling a swimming pool in Elsmere, Delaware. Some of the common reasons we hear at Remove A Pool include:

  • The pool needs major costly repairs.
  • The weather never seems right for extensive pool use.
  • The pool’s routine maintenance expenses keep increasing.
  • Putting your home on the maker, removing your pool will help draw more prospective buyers.
  • The pool takes up valuable yard space.
  • Going green, you want to reduce your utility consumption.

Our Comprehensive Process for Removing a Swimming Pool in Elsmere, Delaware

At Remove A Pool, we strive to exceed your expectations for complete customer service.

  • Estimate: Assessing your pool removal needs, we start with a free estimate. By learning about your removal needs, we are able to create a plan of action.
  • Permits: Our team researches your area to learn zoning regulations. We fill out the paperwork to acquire the necessary permits
  • Safety: Our demolition experts follow all safety procedures throughout the removal process.
  • Best Equipment: Using proven techniques, we equip our employees with the best tools and resources for optimal results.
  • Pool Removal: Remove A Pool offers two choices for removing a swimming pool in Elsmere, Delaware. The first choice is a partial removal process. We remove the upper part of the swimming pool. We leave the remaining portion behind for burial. Complete removal requires our demolition experts to remove every piece of your pool.
  • Cleanup: After finishing the pool removal process, we remove the debris. Cleaning and smoothing the area, we fill in empty holes with gravel and topsoil. If needed, we provide site preparations and grading.

If you would like more information on removing a swimming pool in Elsmere, Delaware, please contact us at Remove A Pool today.