Has your swimming pool fallen into disrepair? Are the repair costs too expensive? Remove A Pool in Fairfax County, Virginia is ready to help. Our experts are ready to offer solutions to your swimming pool removal worries.

Why You Need Professional Swimming Pool Removal

There are many reasons to consider swimming pool removal, and you certainly want professionals taking care of major demolition work. Our experts are fully insured and bonded for your security. Contact Remove a Pool if any of the following apply:

  • Selling Your House: You will attract a broader range of potential home buyers when you opt for swimming pool removal.
  • Getting a New Pool: If your family wants a new or bigger swimming pool, have your old pool removed to make room for it.
  • Increase Your Home’s Value: Choosing swimming pool removal can immediately raise the value of your home.
  • Remove Liability: An old, abandoned, or unused swimming pool is a huge safety risk. You are financially liable for any accidents that happen on your property. Removing your old swimming pool safeguards you and your family.
  • Save Money: If your pool has become a financial burden to maintain or repair, you need reliable swimming pool removal from Remove A Pool.
  • Make Room for Change: Remove A Pool can clear the space in your yard for a new look. Try a new gardening or landscaping project or create a beautiful place to relax or entertain family and friends.

What Happens When You Contact Remove A Pool

Free Assessment and Estimate: When you contact us, we will come to your home and assess your swimming pool and property. We will give you a free estimate, so you can choose the right process for your needs and your budget.

Permits: Remove A Pool will obtain any permits needed for your swimming pool removal.

Demolition: Our professional crew will take all precautions necessary to create a safe worksite during your removal process, whether you choose partial or full swimming pool removal.

Debris Removal: We will haul all removal debris from your property and recycle all materials that we can. This reduces the negative impact on the environment, which benefits us all.

Fresh Grass: After your old swimming pool has been removed, we will fill the area with dirt and gravel and plant fresh grass, if you wish.

Contact Remove A Pool in Fairfax County, Virginia today and let them take care of all your swimming pool removal needs.